Live The Palio Della Vittoria - Museo della Battaglia e di Anghiari


Live the Palio della Vittoria

The Palio has been run in Anghiari on the 29th of June since 1441. It is the celebration of the victory of the Florentine troops and their allies over the Milanese troops of Filippo Maria Visconti. At the beginning the Palio took place simultaneously both in Anghiari and Florence, but today only Anghiari celebrates this traditional feast. It is one of the oldest Palios in Tuscany and is run on foot from the Maestà shrine of S. Maria alla Vittoria, the site of the Battle, to the main square, Piazza del Marcatale (now known as Piazza Baldaccio Bruni), running up the steep road called “the Cross”, named after the church at the top of the hill which is linked to St. Francis of Assisi who walked throughout the valley. We are uploading a lot of exciting information that you’ll be able to see very soon. Thank you for your visit.


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