Details About The Palio - Museo della Battaglia e di Anghiari


The Tuscany and Anghiari Palio

The Palio della Vittoria was last run way back in 1827. Because of yet another brawl in which, this time, a jockey died the Palio was finally stopped. With the Palio, Anghiari had been celebrating  both Tuscany and its own cultural identity for four centuries: on 29 June 1440, as is well known, the famous and victorious Battle established the borders of the duchy (and the culture) of Tuscany. After various sporadic and unsteady revivals of the race (between the end of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s), the Palio della Vittoria is back with all its intense meanings, involving the whole population of this proud Tuscan town.

But this is not just one of the many re-enactments: the Palio della Vittoria was (and is) the Palio of Tuscany and has been run since 1441. To celebrate the Battle of Anghiari they raced at the same time in Florence, from Corso de’ Tintori to the Arco di Sanpierino and in Pisa the great Gioco del Ponte (Bridge Game) was raced for the same reason. And when Leonardo Da Vinci painted it in the Salone dei Cinquecento (Hall of the Five Hundred), it became a legend for all the artists of the  Renaissance.  

The historic foot race today

The Palio della Vittoria will always be on 29 June. After the announcement of the Challenge the Prade, opened by the Mayor and the Banner of Anghiari, will head to the Chapel of the Victory where at 8.15 pm the shot of the  bombard will give the start for the epic challenge to the runners, who represent their own towns.

1440 meters uphill until Piazza Baldaccio. The Palio will be the award, for the winner Town for the endless memory of Tuscany.