A Battle For The Renaissance - Museo della Battaglia e di Anghiari


A Battle for the Renaissance

The Battle of Anghiari took place just under the walls of the town, where the hills meet the valley of the River Tiber. It was one of the crucial moments of the war between the Visconti Lords of Milan and the Florentine Republic. Niccolò Piccinino, captain of the Milanese militia, hoping to catch his enemy unprepared, ordered the attack on Anghiari at an unusual time of day but the Florentines were forewarned, so after nearly six hours of battle and various events, the Florentines were able to force the Milanese troops to flee. Following the victory, the Florentine Republic granted a number of licenses to the town of Anghiari. The records show that the town was exempt from paying the “Monte delle Graticole” tax for ten years and the people of Anghiari could organize a public fair every year, on the saints day of St. Peter and Paul “without any payment of duty or customs” and run a Palio. Discovering history has never been so informative and fun. In the section dedicated to the battle you can find a model reconstruction and lots of information about one of the most important events in Italian history.